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Business Consulting

Business’s, companies and/or enterprises are living breathing entities and in many cases can be likened to being alive. No business were ever started with the mindset “I want my business to fail”. However “business life” gets in the way of your big dreams and aspirations you might have for your unique business. More often than not business gets to a point where it is not about breaking new ground or pushing the boundaries but rather about surviving.


Wendawo Consulting and Marketing is here to assist you in fixing that which have gone askew and realign the dream and aspirations the business were born with. By analyzing your business we would be able to draft and establish a plan of action which will get you from surviving to striving.

Training & Development

The greatest asset any company would ever have is the one that is often times over looked and that is their employee’s. Who knows, with some training & development you could possibly be sitting with a person in your office doing remedial work, such as filling who can be groomed into being a bench setter in sales and marketing or management.


Training & development of staff in any organization must never be overlooked or it will most definitely be at their own expense. Wendawo Consulting & Development will be able to analyze and determine who in your organization has potential for growth and who could be an asset to your business. By working hand in hand with not only the business but also the employee we strive bring the best anybody has to offer to the table and develop it to its full potential and to the benefit of your business.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is currently the best and most effective medium through which businesses can reach and interact with their clientele. If used correctly digital marketing will be 10X more effective than traditional marketing techniques. Due to the masses of people relying on their dependency from technology it is a lot easier to target and laser pinpoint segment groups to ensure maximum effectiveness at a fraction of the cost compared to marketing mediums of the olden days. The question is not whether or not you are going to make use of digital marketing but rather – when.


Rather be the leader of the pact than the follower. Digital marketing is effective, proven and cost effective. Now let’s get your business the exposure and client influx it deserves.

Digital Designing

So many business’s fall prey to the idea that you can use the same logo, same stationary, same marketing material year after year. The human brain is constructed to ignore to a level if the message, format and tone are the same over and over. There is however a argument to be made for touch up re-branding rather than total re-branding.


Wendawo Consulting & Marketing can assist you in drawing in new audiences with a fresh new look or  let your existing audience know that you are moving with the times rather than backpedaling. Creating a lasting impression is what would set your business apart from its competitors. We will be able to breathe new life into your business by implementing the refined practices of old and the technology of today.