MLM – Explained

MLM which stands for Multi-Level Marketing however better known as Pyramid Schemes.


Being to young to have witnessed the era whereas the MLM sector got most of its horrendous reputation I believe I am fortunate enough to currently be in a era where the industry is old enough to have people learn from the mistakes of the past but also old enough to still have a future worth speculating over.


The market is now stranger to the business model of a MLM or the product they sell. There is large companies who have successfully traded for decades in this industry. However over the lifespan of some of the biggest MLM companies it has not been mere sunshine and roses as most of the big brands out there have had their respective day’s in court to battle being labelled a illegal pyramid scheme.


It honestly does not matter what type of company structure the supplier of a respective product has, if the product is of a superior quality and is consistent. Far too often in today’s fast paced – cut throat – low margin pushing sales industry does companies cut corners to get their respective product to the market, quicker and cheaper than it should. The sad part is that, it is then not really the companies cutting the corners who pays for this but rather their uneducated miss informed clientele who purchase their products.


In today’s day and age where we do not have to go to get dressed, get in the car and drive to the nearest library to do research it is imperative you make the internet your friend and research the products you’re looking to purchase.


I have gone around the block and have done extensive research on the MLM industry as this is a very interesting and diverse industry. You almost have as many people loving the industry as there are scoffers. However I have noticed that a lot of the scoffers is actually someone who has spent a period in the industry and have clearly not made a MASSIVE success as previously hoped for. The industry is plagued with get rich quick schemes who promise MASSIVE returns in little to no time. Now here we need to start using our logic when it comes to any venture in live. IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE…………exactly – then it usually is. However this does not mean you should not have a look at it. One mans discarded plastic bottle is another’s bread and butter.


There is people who have had A LOT of success in the MLM industry but if you zoom in closer to their lives you will see that they are more often than not – truly hard working business people who has a host of other successful business’s.


I personally love business and all aspects regarding it. That is probably why I am so fascinated with the MLM industry as it represents most of all, a hard working dedicated entrepreneur at its core. The matter of the fact it – there is no get rich quick scheme out there that will sustain you. The only thing you can do it adopt the mindset of an true entrepreneur and work for what you have – but always remember to work smarter not harder.

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